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After the mythology the fruitful strength of the moon (see there) which rules over plants and waters and also gives the times of the woman. Hare is interpreted in general as a symbol of the fertility, - this can refer to the sexual power and erotic adventures, but point also to the spiritual activity or the soul life. Who sees a hare in the dream, to that it becomes in his intimate awake life more around the quantity which go around the quality. This animal is to be interpreted in his Freßlust more harmlessly than rat and mouse, than the internal cowardice possibly which one should overcome. He is difficult because of his hook of apt running style and his quickness to catch, one would have to grab quite like lightning, - and have to grab this is often the lesson which many dreams of the hare want to teach. If one shoots a hare, this circumscribes in man's dreams probably the wish to reach with a sex leveret, finally, to the aim. In the women's dream the soft hare's case symbolises a distinctive need for tenderness. As a luck symbol it is worth if one shoots a hare or consumes roast hare.


A lunar animal of the fertility and renewal of the life.



  • of hare mean Hetären and women who get tarted up, make up and colour.
  • Pushing somebody on a hare, he will meet such a women's room.
  • he draws off
  • to a hare skin, he will make use the wealth of the woman.
  • he will attain
  • Eating somebody roast hare, from the women's room big means, but become ill also.
  • Hunting one in the dream after a hare, he will fall in love with a Hetäre and run after to her, - he throws in the posthunting a floor or something other at the hare and hits and gets he him, he will satisfy his passionate desire, he does not meet him, the women's room to him will rumble and embitter the life.
  • see, in general: set to work carefully, otherwise you suffer loss,
  • see, but cannot reach: the luck will pass you,
  • shoot: Luck in the lottery have, - get annoyance by the acquaintance with a careless person, - also: a good friend lose, - (66, 93)
  • eat: a contented life lead, - also: win in property,
  • Finding somebody a hare's fur, he will get a suitable sum money of a Hetäre because hares are hermaphrodites,
  • for the woman who strokes a hare: Wish for a child,
  • playing ones see: Hats you before the passing on of clap!
  • hare's foot: you will overcome the inhibitions and succeed.

(European ones).:

  • the symbol of the lust and fertility, - one goes poach namely on forbidden ways and on forbidden prey,
  • stable hares: put a well-arranged, but not particularly intelligent business partner in view,
  • see: one will be afraid of something,
  • see sitting: a good decision,
  • playing ones see: one should not transmit the clap more different,
  • see running away: sudden fright,
  • he runs away before: something valuable will disappear on mysterious way,
  • for man behind herlaufen: indicates at contact with indecent women, - search for a love affair,
  • to one run after: one will search an adventure,
  • of dogs rushed: Disputes between friends are not to be avoided,
  • catch: Victory in a competition carry off,
  • shoot: Annoyance in the family, - one will lose good friends or female friends, - also: one will be made defend the lawful property with forcible means,
  • dead: if the demise of a friend can announce,
  • eat: meant secrecy, - satisfaction,
  • for man: Wish for a 'female hare',
  • If women dream a hare of stroking, they wish children.


  • see: reach fast for your luck,
  • shoot: small accident away,
  • eat: Division with friends,
  • see making to male ones: Satisfaction.
(See also moon, rodents, animals)

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