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Hazel hen

medicine wheel:

Key words: Change, - indicates four worlds, - drums. Description: The type hazel hens and the kind meant above all here of collar chicken belongs to the rough foot chickens and lives in woodlands on the north hemisphere. The collar cock owns feather bundle on every cervical side which he extends in the courtship display to a "collar". He can fan out his tail like a peacock or turkey to a wheel. Besides, with the courtship display the collar cock still allows to hear a Flügelschwirren resounding far away which sounds like distant drums. The drawing of the fanned out tail of the collar cock appeared to the trunks close to the earth of North America like a symbol for four worlds in which the earth is split after the faith of the Indians since the creation. General meaning: A change in your world, - increasing communication, - understanding of your male nature. Association: Male courtship display ritual. Transcendent meaning: A prophecy gift about changes on the earth.



  • one will load you to the board.

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