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With work we spend a large part of our day, and the job is to us - often from the feeling - importantly. If we feel fine there, he will sometimes annoy to a symbol for confirmation, stability and reward, - if he is not pleasant to us or colleagues to us can become he also a symbol for interference and dismay. If one works in an office or a factory, the job probably appears sometime in the dreams. Then though the dream stands really in connection with own work, however, the pictures of own job maybe show another aspect of the awake life - a special problem or quite in general the feelings or the life setting. In the dream one was possible from many people, maybe colleagues, surrounded, or, however, from typewriters or computers which work on full tours: This means an amount of problems which deal not necessarily, however, with own working life. A suddenly closed or desolate office or work in the dream could be an effigy of an emptiness in the awake life. Has a period of life come to an end or is absent something important in the life? A congested office points to the feeling to be overpowered by too many demands.


(European ones).:

  • see own office: possibly forecast a positive change in the dear life,
  • from the office are excluded or are removed: if loss of property or personal things can register,
  • problems in the office have: one is afraid of future quarrel.
(See also 'office', 'factory')

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