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Association: - hide from communications. Question: - What is I to be said or do hear ready?


Importantly in such dreams it is whether the object certainly hangs or whether danger insists that he will soon fall down. Generally this vision expresses insecurity, dependence and auxiliary need. If the dreaming is hung or another person, this symbol is to be understood as a warning of Unbedachtheit, light warmth and intemperance. The feelings of the dreaming during the dream are to be considered with the interpretation.



  • see, somebody strangers: News receive from a murder, - also: your luck begins,
  • see themselves: dare only, - also: something new begin brings success,
  • others: are degraded by a low service.

(European ones).:

  • feel or another hung: announces big honour by a daring action,
  • others see hanging: wrong friends.


  • Dreaming one, he has been hung by judgment of the authority by force and compulsion, he will be honoured according to the height by which he hangs with office and dignity, - that which illness or need torment will create the evil by force from the neck and become really glad, finally.
  • Dreaming of the emperors or a prince, he hangs somebody, he will get first about the convicted in fury and rage, then, however, to him honour proves, - however, the honoured will sin against God.
  • Eating of a meat of a hung, he will get rich in sinful manner in the property of a high-ranking according to the amount of meat which he consumed.
(See also execution)

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