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Work / work


Working performances in the dream register that one is not ready with his work 'yet'. One takes of the day load and efforts virtually with in the bed where the unconscious must master them. One has planned a lot and now must remain active and continue - even if one meanwhile less motivation and feels like realising this special plan successfully. If one exerts himself in the dream to achieve an aim, then one receives with it a tip on his meaning. Nevertheless, on the other hand, Überanstrengung can also conclude by selfpunishment. The symbol sometimes also asks to grab more firmly in the awake life, not herumzutändeln. In the figurative sense our efficiency is also tested in the relations with the environment. Or we are inspired to process mental in such a way that we react not thin-skinned if it comes sometimes quite thickly. A woman who dreams of the strains of the birth should argue with her wish for pregnancy or children. The work means in the dream mostly the need to work on his personality. It is important concerning the interpretation whether has one himself worked and what work was it? Has the work made to a fun or, otherwise, has got anyhow satisfaction? Why? With whom, otherwise, has one worked? The answers to these questions help the dream to indicate properly.


Twelve works of the Herakles show supposedly the movements of the sun with twelve signs of the zodiac. They also symbolise the privations and strains which the person undertakes to be realised.



  • see: good trend of affairs,
  • take: what you plans is not light, however, you will create it,
  • do in general: a favorable sign for a successful life,
  • light ones do: you will succeed everything,
  • heavy ones: do not despair, you will overcome something,
  • give: You are out from the coarsest and can rest, - you succeed,
  • other allow to work for himself: one will be clamped himself still very much and be used.

(European ones).:

  • favorable portent for success from own strength and with own application,
  • look: Profit from an unexpected meeting,
  • do themselves one (all the same, which kind): a very favorable sign for a successful period of life,
  • other allow to work for himself: to the success still a lot must work or even are used,
  • other see at the work: be surrounded by hopeful circumstances,
  • determined works on others awarded: Profit.
(See also worker, unemployment and under the single modes of employment)

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