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Catch and throw ball mean endless quarrel and quarrel, often also love to a Hetäre, - catch ball and handball resemble a Hetäre because they nowhere remain, but from hand to hand walk. A slave dreamt, he plays with Zeus Ball. He got with his man in quarrel, and because he risked a lip, he got his hatred, - then Zeus means man, the ball game the verbal exchange and the quarrel, - then ball players make each other competition, and whenever the ball gets thrown, he beats off him again. Generally men, parents, teachers and gods have the same meaning.



  • in it be involved: one becomes the luck balls which the life passes to one, know how to catch.

(European ones).:

  • play: one becomes the luck balls which the life passes over and over again, on time can catch, in so far as one catches them.
(See also ball)

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