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Manual labour


A dream of weaving, cords, crocheting, or dressmaking can contain a very urgent message and arrange one to the reflexion whether one feels caught in very monotonous employments and should maybe extend his horizon. Since although all these manual labours can be very adequate and also require creativity, on the other hand, they require constant attention till the details, and a large part of the work is a repetition of the same handles. Does this refer to the actual activity, especially if one works at home and for the family? If one has sewn and has joined material parts, can refer also to the fact that one is about to join different aspects of the life. If the dream turned on weaving, was believed with the fact a little bit that one just plans. To cords or crocheting the similar can reflect (as well as with the other activities) symbolically. Does one maybe have (in the dream) a mesh drop, was one (in the reality) tactlessly against somebody? Has the thread torn (in the dream), did one have (in the reality) quarrel? Whether one the thread again zusammenknüpfte or not, may give to an advice whether one should add his real differences.


(European ones).:

  • one becomes from somebody whom one has deceived.
(See also under the single activity names)

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