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Association: - Ability, - competence, - help. Question: - What is I to be handled ready with?


Hand stands in general in the reality as well as in the dream as a picture for the creation of the life by energy and energy. In this respect an injury or the loss of the hand is always to be operated a sign for the restriction of the scope of action or the ability of the dreaming. It reaches, works, sticks or leaves loose, is the physical instrument of the action. With this picture the unaware loan takes in the deliberate: Who dreams of the hand and her activity, this helping hand can transfer into the awake life. Thus the Hand-in-Hand-Gehen is also interpreted as an establishing of amicable relations. Who is injured in the hand or is bitten by a dog in the hand, also it seems to be action-incapable in the awake life presently. The dirty hand is often to be evaluated as a sign for the defamatory behaviour of the dreamer in the awake life. In the opinion of many analysts the left hand is, by the way, a female symbol, it argues a male one. According to the accompanying circumstances, for example, the following meanings arise:
  • big hand asks to develop more energy, so that one achieves his aims.
  • small hand indicates lacking initiative and energy what leads to failures and disappointments.
  • floppy, weak hand can also signal energy lack, - partly she also symbolises reserve or Überempfindlichkeit.
  • A white hand can symbolise a new or making amends personal respect.
  • handshake stands for big trust and loyalty what mostly refers to interpersonal contacts.
  • hand washing often registers that one feels innocent or wants to whitewash himself from a suspicion, - also more respect can be announced in it.
  • dirty hand indicates that one maintains with people contact for which one should watch out, - maybe one recognises in it also the entanglement in a 'squalid' matter.
  • dirty hands can admonish to one to file bad behaviour, otherwise think other badly from one.
  • Somebody in the hand hold meant that one exercises on another influence which one may not abuse.
  • Even in the hand can be held on the fact point out that one is required advice and help or is influenced by others.
  • strongly hairy hands are valid in general as a portent of worries and losses.
  • hand can burn or injure warn about risks which one can exactly estimate not yet.
  • in a dream blood in the hands to have - a picture which was strongest given by Shakespeare lady Macbeth - can refer to deeply seated guilt for an action or in an area in own life.
  • hands before the eyes hold often warns about unrealistic expectations and hopes because one closes the eyes before the facts.
  • caressing of hands means for usual friendship or romanticism, sometimes even marriage.
  • one considers
  • Stroking one the hand of somebody, the meaning of this person in own life.
  • hand of another kiss points out to the fact that one tries to ingratiate himself, - own hand is kissed, warns about the deception by others.
  • hands struggle often appears with advice and helplessness if one sees no more way out.
  • hands often appear as a signpost in the dream. An elegant hand can indicate in a special direction, while a weather-tanned hand shows another way.
  • The skill of the hands can be connected with personal matters. If they were light or difficult to use, and one was frustrated or pertinaciously


The right hand points to the father, the son, the friend, the brother and that from whom we are in habit to say in the colloquial language in the figurative sense: 'It is my right hand', - left on the wife, the mother, the friend the daughter and the sister, there. If somebody dreams now, he has lost a hand, he will lose one of the people who are called by them. In general both hands mean together the crafts, manuscripts and speeches, - the crafts because these are exercised by means of the hands, manuscripts because these are called par excellence 'the hands', talking because one gesticulates during the talking. The fact that it forecasts for sailors, pantomimes and conjurers nothing good if they have no hands because they cannot practice her profession without this, is probably clear to everybody. If one dreams of eating the meat of the hand of the son and he earns the living as a craftsman with his hands, it gives to the son wealth and the father use of his son. A wound in the right hand, namely in the internal palm, indicates an advance and dejection about a debt letter. A scar calls the end of every worry. A sick person prayed to Sarapis, he may to him, if it is intended to him to be saved, in the dream shake the right hand, if not, the left one. And really he dreamt, he enters the Sarapistempel and Kerberos (The of three, with queue mane and queue tail provided infernal dog who hinders the dead people in the return from the underworld.) if the right hand shook to him. The next day on it the man died how was to be expected. Since Kerberos which means the death after general faith was ready by seizing the right hand to take up him (wordplay: hey dexia = the rights and paradexasthai = take up).


The hand symbolises activity, power and rule.



  • The hand means the best and most loyal farm-hand.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, his hand would be beaten off, froze to death or would be burnt, he will lose his best and most loyal farm-hand, - he loses his hand by combustion, his faithful servant will die during the war and on the battlefield. A my husband will lose his most capable and most competent farm-hand, he has nobody, because of illness become incapacitated and in poverty get. A married woman will lose her man, an unmarried one the breadwinner and premouth.
  • he will have
  • Dreaming of the emperors that his hand has become bigger and stronger of his great farm-hand joy and use, - an easy man will be very contented with his farm-hand and all his activities. If somebody looks an injury or a growth in the hand, his farm-hand will create wealth, the danger and fear brings on.
  • see: a warning, one should remain in his matters with the truth,
  • pass somebody: Friendship find,
  • get passed: one wants to bring to you trust,
  • slap: you make a good deal and have profit,
  • handshake: you can count on it, one means it honestly,
  • struggle: Grief and worries, - danger,
  • look: miserable views have,
  • nice and strong ones: Abschließung of a good business,
  • clean ones see: Signs for frank friends,
  • cons: Betrayal,
  • argues: you have good people around yourself and loyal friends,
  • very small ones: trust to your friends or domestics not too much,
  • swollen ones have: intolerable incidents must suffer,
  • swollen ones see: you are unacceptable,
  • get washed: Salutes, - you will come to honour,
  • wash themselves his: one wants to drag you onto a bad thing,
  • dirty ones see: you will get by disadvantage, - also: warn urgently about wrong friends in the surroundings,
  • dirty ones have: on account of rash behaviour have to count on disdain, - also: you desire an ugly action,
  • grew hairs: it approach a bad surprise,
  • rub: you make a good deal,
  • engagedly: Marriage,
  • aching or wound: the thing is connected with danger,
  • break: professional discrepancies are to be expected,
  • wounded have: your behaviour will bring you disadvantages,
  • linkedly: one takes every possibility from you, you must have patience and wait for a better time,
  • lose: a death in the family, - also: Deterioration of the social situation,
  • burn: Envy and malice is around you,
  • cut-off or chopped ones: unhappy chances,
  • show palm: you can trust to your friends,
  • clench: you have made to yourself enemies,
  • open and close: you will hold your luck,
  • go to hand: good friendship, loyal love,
  • block print: laborious heavy work with profit views.


  • A foreign or unsightly hand means that envious forces work against us. We should pay attention to our surroundings and protect ourselves particularly from flatterers. Own, known and/or nice hands point out to the fact that we will enjoy protection and friendship in the next time in view of a big problem. In general hands in the dream state energy and want to ask us to use our energy and means.

(European ones).:

  • strength and skill symbol, - one should remain with the truth,
  • cons on hand female, - right hand manly,
  • many hands see: if promises honour and property,
  • look: if brings grief and grief,
  • nice and strengthens have: one will close a good deal,
  • clarifies white hands have: a sign for the profit of good friends,
  • clarifies hands see: if big recognition and quick professional rise,
  • promises
  • ugly and deformed hands: point to disappointments and poverty,
  • dirty ones see: Warning of wrong people and friends in the surroundings,
  • stained have: Confidentiality with a bad person, - also: one will be envious and unfair,
  • the hands wash: if a pleasant position, - respect, - also promises: take part in a party,
  • the hands dry themselves: if Li> brings us in bad gossip,
  • thick, fat hands: if mean quarrel and tiff,
  • gets thin hands: the fact that we become the victim of a thief,
  • have a swollen one: if Li> brings quarrelsomeness,
  • the own enlarged see: points to a quick business rise,
  • big hands see: bring luck,
  • the own reduced see: Difficulties in the occupation and career,
  • small ones: Infidelity of friends or domestics,
  • grew hairs have (how of an animal): if brings misfortune, - also: one will intrigue against innocent people and must experience how attentive enemies will cross the plans,
  • grew hairs have: one will fill no strong and high-powered position in own social circles,
  • see a wounded one: one will have a disadvantage,
  • have an injured one: someone else will be successful in to you in the heart recumbent matter,
  • cut themselves in the hands: predicts to us business loss,
  • bloodstained hands: there threatens an estrangement of members of the family,
  • see cut-off or withered ones or have: Faithlessness of the best friends, - also: if a life announces in loneliness, - that is others do not understand your views and feelings,
  • the hands burn themselves: if a sign is for disadvantages which one will suffer, - one has envious person, - also: one will strive beyond all reason for wealth and influence and stand on the loser's side,
  • see without finger: big loss and strong hostile influence,
  • loss of one or both hands: if heavy misfortune announces, - the social situation will soon get worse,
  • lose the right one: Death of the father,
  • lose the left one: Death of the mother,
  • kiss: one becomes nice activities,
  • engaged hands: it are to difficulties on, - one solves the hands, one demands other to the submission,
  • with the hands pray or ask: if Li> is valid for fulfilment of the prayer or the request,
  • reach to somebody (how for the discharge): if loss is the same by the death,
  • of another press: one will close a loyal friendship,
  • firm handshake: a good omen, - the shops will be successful,
  • weak handshake: forecasts failures,
  • the hands before the eyes hold: one will check somebody at something, however, should be more lenient,
  • to itself in the dream the hands struggle: one suffers from the claims of the environment, under worries and conflicts,
  • she will win
  • admired a woman her own hands, the straight admiration that of her mostly respected man.
  • admired a woman the hands more different, she must argue with the mood of a jealous man.
  • holding
  • of becoming the hands of a woman of a man, she gets involved in adulterous relations.
  • If a woman other her hands allows to kiss, she provides for gossip.
  • a woman handles with fire without burning herself the hands, this one important position promises.


    the works of the faith of the people mean
  • The hands and fingers.
  • Dreaming one, he has more finger in the hand than normally, he will pray more diligently and be strongly in the faith.
  • Having he lost one of his fingers, he will pray more seldom and less.
  • The first finger, the thumb, means the morning prayer, the second or forefinger the prayer by the third hour, the third or middle finger to the sixth ones, following or fourth by the ninth hour, the fifth or small finger the evening prayer. Everything what happens to one of these fingers comes true in the performed prayers.
  • a finger has got frostbite to him on
  • Dreaming one, it, has taken a short-cut or been torn off, he will commit a sky-loud sin, - however, the finger is completely cured again, he will do coaches and convert.
  • cons: you would be warned about betrayal,
  • argues: you have good people around yourself and loyal friends,
  • clean ones: soft bad people from,
  • big ones: your marriage is blest and your prosperity also,
  • injure themselves: you will suffer a loss,
  • lose: you will get in poverty.
  • pass somebody: you will tie on amicable relations,
  • hands wash: you will come to honour,
  • wounded or dirty ones: you will get by disadvantage,
  • swollen ones: you are unacceptable,
  • burn: you have envious person,
  • nice and strong ones: Abschließung of a good business,
  • small ones: Infidelity of the friends or domestic.
(See also amputation, arm, thumb, finger, 'body', 'link', to the right of')

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