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medicine wheel:

Key words: Polish, - colour, - memory, - respectable ground, - restorative, - compensatory, - experience, - western soul path. Description: Haematite, the mineral totem which is associated in the medicine wheel with the external position of the western soul path and with experience is as an iron oxide, component of the iron ore. In the Greek haematite means "alike to blood". He seems in the colours Grey, Red, black and in her overtones. As with the Herkimer diamond one also supposes from the haematite that he has a memory for the past times and is able to transmit his recollection of the people. In addition, it is repeated after him that he can bind energy solidly in the earth's surface. General meaning: Growing strength, - increasing calmness, - better connection with the mother earth. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation from the collective unconscious, - gift of the ground, - a good stone which holds you on, the earth, while you dream.

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