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Cervical jewellery


Necklaces, jewellery chains, earring, precious stones and each the female cervical jewellery are for women of good premeaning, - to unmarried ones they prophesy the marriage, to childless children and those who have man and children, increase in property and big abundance, - then just as pieces of jewellery the women adorn, they adorn husband, children and wealth (then women already have from nature a predilection for wealth and jewellery), - further the jewellery twines around the neck like man and children. Against it it means to a man fraud, underhandedness and big involvements in his shops, however, not because of the material, how some explained, misfortune, but on the contrary luck, as I have often observed, however, only if his measure and amount is weighed out and crosses no impulse excited as a result of his form, e.g., as necklaces with men, still the barriers of the social rank, as for example in the form of wreaths, splendid vessels and many coins with poor people. If somebody looks such in the dream, the gold is not because of the material, but because of the kind of the processing of evil. If the cervical jewellery gets lost to a woman, breaks or tears, the loss of that threatens her from what on top the speech was.



  • pleasant experiences.
(See also necklace, jewellery)

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