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Half / half measures


It can seem that one dreams in dreams of 'half a thing', sees - an object only half of it or that an action runs off only half of it. With it the dreams receive an odd quality. It makes no difference with whether it a half-filled glass which is a half moon or apple half - one has longing for 'better half', feels without love relationship / partnership only 'how half a person' and is fed up with the single life thoroughly. One does not regard himself more than independent personality, but as incomplete half of a whole which 'halves' itself and feels separated - a frequent dream for involuntary separation. If the dreaming has in his dream only half as many as he should have according to his view, then this is to be interpreted as a tip that he depreciates himself. He does not permit himself to own this what he needs. A mountain mounted half of it and a half put back way let suppose indecision and lacking motivation. Ordinarily this also refers to an incompleteness in the dreaming, in a sort of provisional stage. Such 'half a dream asks him to make decisions on other progressing.


The dreams in which a thing exists only half of it offer important learning contents at spiritual level: Something can be full half of it or be empty half of it, it depends only on how one sees it.



  • you turns back on half a way and has damage.

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