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Association: - aggressive masculinity, - vanity. Question: - What would I want in the world hinauskrähen?


The cock is a symbol for the new heranbrechenden day, but also for attention and watchfulness. If a cock plays a role in the dream, he forecasts a fresh start or admonishes the dreaming to be with his everyday employments carefully with the thing. The early morning cockcrow could be a symbol, for the need to inform of something in unequivocal manner. On the steeple sends a reminder the cock that it becomes a time to do something certain. The animal of meat and blood against it is valid as a male sexual symbol above all in women's dreams, - for unequivocal intentions he stands in man's dreams. If he crows, infidelity is in the play. The red cock deals less with a blaze than with the especially passionate fire of the love. The cock in the dream can also be a request to the fight mind of the dreaming. Maybe he should be opener and more courageous with that what he does. If the cock crows, male vanity and selfoverestimation is expressed in it partly. If a cock lays eggs, one may expect financial profits. The mostly disputes announce fights of cocks with each other.


At the spiritual level the cock stands for the male principle and the daybreak. The cock is valid as a guard of the time.


The cock means in the house of arms the landlord, in which of empires the house supervisor because he wakes the servants and comes floating to the work.



  • A splendid cock indicates to own, one will find a competent supervisor for his slaves, - one fights with a cock, he will have annoyance and quarrel with that.
  • Killing he the cock, he will lose his supervisor, - the cock has perished, the same will arrive.
  • see: Conquests in the love make, - also: one will be soon suspected too wrong,
  • see under chickens: an existing friendship will soon develop to deep love,
  • hear crowing: is watchful, it will bring you no disadvantage, - a friend practices betrayal in you, - also: you will go on travelling, - succeed with the other gender,
  • catch: Disputes will bother you,
  • with another see fighting: undesirable incidents in the marriage experience, - war, heavy times, - disagreeable on the next day, - also: big opponents make to you the life difficult,
  • see together with a woman: a big dear success announces itself,
  • see the comb one: your pride will suffer a blow,
  • see the feather tail one: your vanity brings you enemies,
  • catch: a request approaches,
  • books a hen: Wealth and blessing,
  • eggs lay: indicates at a big win in the lottery.
  • Hearing a woman the cock crow, she should be careful in dealing with men.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for man and male intentions, - also: one becomes known successfully and, about that, however, also accordingly arrogant,
  • see: tells a fire in,
  • hear crowing: announced new important news, - for women: Care in dealing with men,
  • see a cock and a woman: be extremely successfully in the love,
  • see under chickens: from a friendship strong love will develop,
  • one see swaggering in the midst of the chickens: if women's favour,
  • promises
  • fighting cocks: if mean jealousy and division with a friend, - discord,
  • eggs see laying: brings sudden and unexpected monetary influx.


  • hear crowing: you can make your luck if you are not silly, - you are liked with the other gender,
  • see: you will come to a suspicion, - is watchful, one wants to cheat you,
  • eggs see laying: unexpected inheritance, win in the lottery,
  • catch: you will get in quarrel,
  • cocks see arguing: meant war.
(See also fowl,' chickens ',' birds')

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