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Hagel plays in the cycle of the nature a certain role. Hagel is the frozen water and symbolises numb feelings to ice. Got frostbite feelings show a danger and can cause injuries. Hagel points to internal restlessness and discontent what can lead above all in the interpersonal area to considerable problems. The dreaming should think that it can be an adequate reaction at certain moments to sadden own feelings. Nevertheless, it may not concern a permanent condition, besides. The icy precipitation in the dream possibly concludes by the fact that it will hail in the awake life reproaches which can take us very much, or he lets assume quarrel, with the words only so there and herfliegen. Because hailstones are cold and hard, they are often associated also with firmness and perseverance. Therefore, the dreaming who escapes a Hagel's storm can be somebody who is able to overcome difficult hurdles. The end of the hail maybe announces a positive change in the creative life. So a dream can predict the takeover of a new project or risqué initiatives in the occupation. To be caught in a Hagel's storm, a symbol could be for envy or jealousy. If one was caught in a Hagel's storm, did one feel afraid or excited? One also considers how one handled with the hail in the dream. Did one feel the ice punches with pleasure on the face? If so, it can prepare for a joy to put challenges to itself. The blue hail which falls like rain normally has an emotional meaning. How long did it hail?


Feelings of the spirituality must be held under control. In the dream this need can be shown with Hagel.


Hagel prophesies excitement and dejection and brings concealed because of his colour.



  • hail thunderstorms see: something concealed will step by days.
  • Hailing it at a place, threatens a sudden inspiration of enemies.
  • Smashing the hail the wheat or barleys stalks, numerous people, to the glum stalks will fall victim there immediately, the war, - if the hail damages the sheets of the trees, the enemy will break there, but straighten nothing.
  • the hail gives the discount
  • fast, the inhabitants will be released fast from the sufferings, - he stops longer, the need will last accordingly longer.
  • the hail no damage arranges
  • , the emperor will send war people in the place, do wrong this, however, no infringements.
  • hail-storms see: adverse experiences, your plans are destroyed,
  • single hailstones see falling: special, but safe experiences in view have,
  • of it the windows see hitting: by bad people suffer damage,
  • big hailstones see: your hopes do not come true,
  • small hailstones see: you can make up for the damage,
  • are surprised by the hail: points to spiteful people in own surroundings.

(European ones).:

  • means Zwistigkeiten and difficulties, the wishes will not come true and every plan is thwarted, - one stands before a material or spiritual loss,
  • see: sudden damage, vain trouble and disappointment,
  • see from a protected place: if brings discontent and bad mood, - soon material losses must take,
  • get in a hailstorm: if a broken family life tells in,
  • are in a hailstorm: in every enterprise achieve only little success,
  • the hailstones which fall with sunshine and rain: promise an anxious time, however, the luck is lovely soon again,
  • on the house apt hail: announces saddening situations,
  • for a young woman is this a sign for love after many insults.


  • see: Restlessness is in you and you do not know why.
(See also ice)

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