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Oat stands often for impetuosity, high spirits and unrestrained sensuousness with an immature personality. But also light success and financial profits can be announced with it. Whom the oat stings, that is let out like a horse fed with oat. And who eats groats, says the vernacular, to that reason and patience (in the awake life) are useful particularly.



  • see: pleased days experience, - big luck will be gave to one that one may not challenge by high spirits,
  • mature on the field see: you must undertake something, the time is favorable,
  • harvest: wonderful future prospects.

(European ones).:

  • more nicely: if success and luck means in all, - the luck and harmony in the family is lovely to the farmer, - financial success on account of right ideas,
  • spoilt: it will kick grief to the place of shining views,
  • more green and more immature: during some months one should let care prevail, because one could commit, otherwise, a serious boob,
  • on the field see: if brings blessing and profit if one avoids carelessness,
  • thresh: good business, - good professional progress,
  • carry on himself: by rash decisions one brings himself in difficulties.


  • bind: you have good view for your future.
(See also grain)

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