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Hades (underworld) symbolises the unconscious with his partly contradictory contents, - then one must try to reconcile the contrasts with each other to lead a happier life.


To descend in the dream in the Hades and to look everything what exists there according to general image, means people who live in good relations and to which it completely goes out by wish, shutdown of the shops and damage, - then the Hadesbewohner are action-incapable, indifferently and without moving. Against it it indicates timourous, concerned or sad worries and Kummerlosigkeit, - then the Hadesbewohner are freely single from grief and every worry. It announces the remaining person travelling or expels them totally from her present place of residence, - the old people maintained because from people who have started a voyage to say, they would be on the way in the Hades, - on the other hand this phrase registers itself that the Hadesbewohner do not live any more in the same environment like formerly. If one dreams, he climbs from the Hades again to the upper world, he will return from the stranger in the native country if not, his life finish there. Often descending in the Hades also leads back the people who live abroad in the native country. If one dreams of having descended in the Hades and of being hindered in the rise, one is held on by certain people by force or are thrown in the prison, to many protracted illness and therefore the death prophesies the face. If one climbs on an escape route again to the upper world, it saves the sick person from extreme mortal danger, - we also maintain in the colloquial language of a sick person who has recovered against expectation to say, he has climbed up from the Hades again. If one carries one of the subterranean demons, Pluton, the Kerberos or, otherwise, a Hadesbewohner, carrying the cross approaches a criminal after this dream experience, - the cross resembles because the death, and that which should be crucified carries it before (Johannes 19.17, as himself Jesus himself the cross charged). (See also 'hell')

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