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Aggressively lived out sexuality is meant - something is destroyed 'without taking into consideration losses' if a heel strikes and penetrates. As a man's dream: Warning before own thoughtless kind to handle with women especially in the sexual area. As a women's dream: Fear of an unfeeling partner. The women who feel only more sexually 'used' not beloved and popular, but dream of down crashing heels. In general the heel (gardening tool) points to hard work which will be crowned by success, - besides, it often also depends on it in which state the garden is.



  • see or carry: you will make your luck.

(European ones).:

  • see: if a danger registers, - means misfortune, - also: have in future no time for leisure because the existence depends more different on own work, - a quarrel will ask to one to dig even deeper,
  • with her work: good advancement, - one will be never poor because one steers his energy in sure roads,
  • injure themselves with it: numerous difficulties are announced,
  • an enemy with a heel hits
  • after one: own interests are threatened by enemies, however, with care one goes for a real danger from the way,
  • Dreaming a woman of the chopping, she will be independent of others, because she supplies herself.
  • for lovers is this dream a sign for loyalty.
(See also garden)

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