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Hair colours



  • Dreaming a ruler, he colours his hair to change his appearance, he will put on to demonstrate something to his people with lies. One from the common people will fill with peeping and Carrying the pockets.
  • Seeming it one, his hair would have suffered by the coloration damages, he will get in extreme poverty and big distress.
  • tried one to bleach his hair by coloration ambition was the mainspring of his action, but he will straighten nothing, and his wealth will dwindle more and more.
  • he will wake
  • shaven to himself one of the good appearance because of the face, with the people the impression of an honest man, reflect inside, however, bad person.


  • Dreaming somebody, he colours to hair and beard hair to hide his grey strands, however, his efforts remained without success, he will try with all means to hide his ailments and his disgrace, it, however, do not reach because the coloration was lost. If it worked, however, he will manage the deception.
  • he will invent
  • Having the victorious emperor this dream, to protect a secret a plan, - the coloration does not want to succeed, his machinations to the people will remain not concealed, however, it succeeds, he will completely reach with God's help and to his use his intention.
  • A woman will cheat her man with a lover after this dream, and the deception will succeed, depending on the coloration succeeds or not, more or less.
(See also hair)

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