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medicine wheel:

Key words: Ceremony, - rich colouring, - the way of the spiritual searching, - the colour of the magician, - moon of the harvest. Description: Magenta is the colour in the moon of the harvest (from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September) to Born in the medicine wheel, - her darker, more in the blue going variation is associated Violet with the external position of the southern soul path and the growth and the related tone lavender is associated with the middle position of the southern soul path and the trust. Magenta, Violet and lavender count to those colours which rouse the image of rich colouring in this culture. In older cultures they were colours which stood with serious ceremony and in ceremonial methods to competent people in connection. General meaning: Understanding of the importance of ceremony or magic in your life. The deeper the colour shading is, your momentary connection is the stronger. Brighter shadings indicate an opening there to the ceremony generally. Association: The colour of the kings. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the magic, - initiation.

In general:

Because the colour Magenta might be carried earlier only by kings, she indicates in the dream that the dreaming liked to seem elated and important. Also the dreamer reveals his desire for success and public recognition. However, he should watch out to lose his life to outward appearances, because the really valuable in the life seldom has a shining side.


If one carries in the dream magenta which lends king's dignity, we are in the awake life probably man of our feelings. Magenta as a colour strengthens the meaning from Red.


Every office which obliges bearer to put on magenta or gold means the death to sick people and uncovers concealed.



  • see: you have soaringly plans which cannot be realised,
  • carry: one will make you very angry.

(European ones).:

  • promises a realisation of hopes, even if immediately does not determine, thus, nevertheless, later. Patience leads faster to the aim than power.


  • carry: you will become impoverished by your own guilt.
(See also colours, garment, clothes, wreath, Red of)

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