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Association: - Einübung of respect patterns. Question: - In which area of my life am I ready to display more Fürsorglichkeit?

In general:

A doll can show how the dreaming felt as a child, - she can also symbolise a need for consolation. Moreover, she can express a not yet developed part of the personality of the dreaming. Doll symbolises hopes, wishes and aims which one should realise. Sometimes she also admonishes not to play with the feelings more different, to get involved in no erotic adventure.


Playfully learning is lighter, and if a doll appears in the dream, it is a tip to the fact that the dreaming must repeat some lessons from his childhood because he has forgotten them, in the meantime, or there appears the mostly unaware wish of the dreaming to keep childish traits, to see the life as a play and to be freely from responsibility. The doll is also in the dream the (lifeless) being with which one only play, but cannot live together, which is why from the doll dream is closed today often on the non-fulfilment of erotic wishes. Nevertheless, the unconscious sometimes lets for us dance the dolls and it warns about the fact that we see our people as puppets which do everything this what we prescribe to them. If doll dreams or dreams of plays seem very often, this can be a sign of a disturbance in the personality development of the dreaming.


A doll in the dream can represent the soul of a certain person whom can be helped by sympathetische magic or by magic, be also damaged at the same time, however.



  • see or in hands have: your dalliances are contemptuous, - you will waste money,
  • see for a woman: Child wish,
  • see for a man: Dear wishes will be realised in the foreseeable future,
  • shop: Child wealth,
  • play with it: happy household, - one does not take seriously you,
  • give away: your love is not serious,

(European ones).:

  • of life wishes want to become facts, burst,
  • see one: means in general that one should not play with the feelings more different, - in the women's dream: Increase in the family, - in the man's dream: To let down reminder, an inappropriate hobby or habit,
  • brings mockery, women a happy family life to men.


  • see: you have a happy household.
(See also youth, childhood)

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