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In general:

Every kind of power against a person refers to a form of punishment. If the dreaming is beaten up in his dream, this refers to the fact that another person irritates him to the last extremity. If the dreaming fights in his dream himself, a form is emphasised with it by masochism in his personality. The beating which one himself gets or the beating asks to exert itself more for success, - one beats an another, one will take damage in a matter.


If the dreaming beats up another person in his dream, he must pay attention in future better not to force his will upon this person. The beating which are given us in the dream is in the awake life the apt proof of success which we achieve with the help of self-restraint and also a little recklessness. If we ourselves distribute beating, is not to be evaluated also negatively, but with it our self-assertion becomes in the life circumscribed.


At the spiritual level beating in the dream is the coaches for committed sins.


One should beat only those whose master one is, excluded the woman, - then this does adultery if it is beaten, while remaining cover to the use of those blows to which she administers. Badly it is to beat people who are not our subordinates: it prophesies because it is law-contrary, punishment. It makes no blessing, from gods be hit by dead people or by subordinates probably, however, from all others. Always it is good to get blows with floors or with hands, badly against it, because of the welts, with a strap or, because of the noise, with a pipe. From whom the pounded on cover the blows, from that a use normally arises to them.



  • see lying: The obstacles which can be removed,
  • distribute: you become clever by damage which results from rash action manner, - also: one has enough forces to put through his plans in spite of all difficulties,
  • must distribute: you should defend yourself to your skin and not so sleep,
  • receive: heavy disadvantages and losses in the business, - one carries with a plan that other people try to cross, but it at last will realise,
  • of wood see: Your time has come, now you must undertake something, then you have profit and success.

(European ones).:

  • are valid as a warning to the care towards friends,
  • agree: you can be glad, all your works will well go out, - promises a pleasant surprise, - also: one will receive in the next time a lot of support from others,
  • see referring: somebody positions itself to the sighting and intentions in the way, or one receives a 'punishment' for wrong action,
  • distribute: if success promises on grounds of own energy,
  • distribute for no reason: A bad omen! One will soon need help and not agree.
  • if a man a woman whom his wife is not hits: luck-like sign,
  • if a father or a mother dreams of punishing own children: luck-like sign, - foreign children punish: no luck-like sign,
  • this is
  • When a married man in the dream his woman beaten up, a very luck-like sign and contains conjugal luck and a cosy home. It is looked about lovers, nevertheless, as a bad dream.


  • distribute: you will suffer damage.
(See also 'blows')

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