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In general:

With eagle and Freud 'the indelible recollections of the punishments for child pranks'. In the opinion of the modern psychology exam dreams refer to the present, to the existence in the struggle of existence or - in nightmares - on the fear of the future. By the way, one has long ago passed the check of which the dream reminds mostly. If a dream of check concerns (particularly if it around exams in Ausbildungen and schools acts), this stands as a rule in connection with self-criticism and the wish for good achievements. The dreaming possibly permits other person to settle moral norms and the height of the demands for him.


It can be that the dreaming has made to himself the habit to check his value over and over again, - he himself doubts his efficiency. Dreams were collected and Taped in which person of 'extraterrestrial' kidnaps, to a check were submitted and then were brought back again to the earth. The opinion about whether it concerns, besides, dreams or actual experiences strongly deviate of each other. There is no man who does not have every now and then an exam dream. Mostly the cause is an occupational problem which becomes acuter and acuter in our meritocracy and is to be mastered more and more difficultly, therefore, also the processing in the dream. The greater the difficulties are, the greater becomes in the dream also the fear of the check. If the dreaming passes the check in the dream, this is a picture for the conscientiousness, the ambition and industriousness of the dreaming. If he falls, nevertheless, by the check this symbolises the fear of life, the lack of self-confidence and the inhibitions of the dreaming.


At this level the dream symbol stands for recognising the dreaming that he must undergo a spiritual check.



  • must file one: let not put, is careful, - (37, - 61, - 99)
  • pass an important one: one will be recompensed for his ambition, his industriousness and conscientiousness of the destiny still richly,
  • fall through: one may not hang his head.

(European ones).:

  • an obstacle dream, - professional difficulties approach,
  • must file one: one will have to make a due decision, - also: professional excitement and bottlenecks,
  • one finds
  • the exam too difficult: business worries stand in the house,
  • most questions can answer: meant unexpected luck.
(See also teacher,' school leaving exam ',' test')

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