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Association: - ceremonial march, - pomp. Question: - Which religious principles am I ready to formalize or to keep?

In general:

If the dreaming sees a procession in his dream with which all involved people seem to have the same aim or the same conviction, this is a tip that it is about the intentions of the group. Often there is in a procession an order of rank and the most important people completely are in front. This could be important in a dream, because it enables to the dreaming to set priorities to themselves. Old dream books interpret procession as a domestic harmony. Sometimes she also warns against swimming too uncritically with the amount, or registers that one should justify himself in a matter to get rid of feelings of guilt.


A procession serves to commit a special event with splendour and dignity. In the dream she can symbolise the need of the dreaming for recognition of his success and abilities. The participation in a procession shows his need to belong to a group of like-minded people. If he watches a procession, he appreciates the determination of other people.


At the spiritual level a procession in the dream makes the dreaming on like-minded people, but also on person with big knowledge attentive. In the dream he appreciates the meaning of the religious system or the religion to which he belongs. He recognises that her respect must be given.



  • see: happy fate idiom, - also: you will be reconciled with your enemies, - profit, (5, - 15)
  • take part in it: Luck and joy.

(European ones).:

  • sign of internal justification, - hope that other as act as one himself, - joy, luck and dispersion,
  • see one: if redemption of a tantalising thought, - good sign promises for lovers or married, - the longer the train the better, because in this case many years of the luck are predicted,
  • take part in one: one is reminded of a forgotten duty.


  • see: Peace and joy at the home.

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