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  • Few profit chances.


  • calculate: business annoyance.
Process Association: - Check, - resolution of a conflict. Question: - What is it about?

In general:

Process can announce that one will remove problems only after long strains. In this picture a discussion with friends who pursues you till your dreams can be reflected. However, it can also concern a problem with your superego. They are in an internal quarrel around the demands which the society makes to you. A part of you believes, you should obey the general rules, another part tried, against it to rebel. They should check whether you rightly rebel or whether it is an only childish defiance against the needs of the living together. If one wins him, this indicates that a matter takes an unexpected exit. The lost process requests to the reconciliation in a quarrel.


With the process the unconscious draws the attention mostly to something which is to be cleared only with combative courage. If one loses, for example, the dream process, it is in the time to express itself once with an opponent in the awake life and to unite. If one wins him, it concerns the profits of the new examination which can use us in the life.



  • in general: indicates at losses, - you will have big annoyance,
  • stand even in the centre one: one will have to count in the life on difficulties, nevertheless, these can remove successfully and force his luck,
  • lead: his shops without success order, - also: one will be got involved in disagreeable things, however, has in spite of all Widerwärtigkeiten the view that, after all, everything runs off for one to the good, - also: one will pass to a long-standing enemy the hand to the reconciliation,
  • win: Your opponents are too big. Drawback brings success.
  • lose: one will cheat you, - one may attach too much meaning to an insignificant matter not.

(European ones).:

  • it has happened to a disagreeable, and one is meant in worry to get other enemies, - that the dreaming must fight for his right, - business difficulties are to be expected and one should not lend money,
  • exert one against somebody and lead: you will find unexpected difficulties, - a wish will come true after hard fight and all sorts of difficulties,
  • lead one: warns about enemies who want to arouse the public opinion against one,
  • lead a dishonest one: one wants to rob lawful owners of her possession to make headway independently,
  • are got by somebody made or are sued: by selfish behaviour one will have damage and disadvantages,
  • win: Success and joy after difficult fights, - it comes in a thing differently than one thinks,
  • lose: something in your life will not run by wish, - incommodities, - reminder to reconcile itself with an opponent or opponent - studied a young man right, he will climb up in every occupation very quickly.
  • Leading a woman a process, it is disdained and has among her friends enemies.


  • lead: you can count on your husband.
(See also court)

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