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Prostitution / prostitutes

Association: - in the negative sense: Abuse of the sexuality, - in the positive sense: sexual healing. Question: - What do I need to be able to live a healthy sexuality?

In general:

The dream of prostitution normally points to sexual needs. In the dream of a man he can show his need for a partnership at all costs, in the dream of a woman it can be a tip to her need for sexual freedom. The dreaming is often made by a dream of a prostitution argue with his feelings of guilt or uncertainties. The payment for a favour can be called that he has no trust in his sexual efficiency. If it is the dreaming who receives money for the dear act, then this can be a tip to the fact that he believes to pay extra in relations. In both cases an escape from affectionate relations presumably exists.


If a dream of prostitution acts, this possibly only one bad self-image shines. The dreaming curtails his talent and talents - this can be professionally, privately or in both areas. He means, only his achievement would not be sufficient to exist before the eyes of other people, hence, he 'prostitutes himself'. Prostituted or brothels and the similar point in the dream to dissatisfied sexual needs or sexual tensions of the dreaming. The exact meaning can be recognised only from the dream action. However, it can be that sexual inhibitions, moral doubts, partnership problems or the lack of opportunity are the causes. Prostituted (whore) sexual bondage or heavy sexual feeling of inferiority can also symbolise, - from it one can often escape by psychotherapy. Universal indicates them that one searches a dear substitute in material values, is thereby disappointed, however, over and over again. In particular cases she stands for feelings of guilt because one uses the love of another for selfish purposes and abuses. Finally, she can still appear with the cynical, bitter people who see the only sense of her life in possession and unrestrained pleasure.


At the spiritual level prostitution is to be argued in the dream a request to the dreaming, with own prejudices towards other people and itself.


(European ones).:

  • are in the society of one: one gets rightly because of the boorish manner the disdain of friends.
  • she will lead
  • Dreaming a young woman of a prostitute, her lovers with regard to her innocence and uprightness behind the light.
  • Having a married woman this dream, it is put out to suspicions and has repeatedly quarrel.
(See also prostitute)

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