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Association: - Let go work on the spiritual or religious welfare,-. Question: - What I is to be awarded ready.

In general:

The responsibility for many protective-ordered will transfer to a priest. In the dream he often shows the authority's figure in whose hands the dreaming has laid the control of his life.


If a priest appears in the dream of the dreaming, this mostly testifies from his consciousness of the more spiritual, knowing side of itself. Old-Egyptian dream researchers believed who sees a priest in the dream, soon receives an honourable post.


A priest is a man of God, and maybe the dreaming must recognise that there is to learn on material like at the spiritual level a lot for him.


To be a priest or to get a priesthood of the people transferred promises all luck, excluded to people who avoid the light of the public, - then priests jut out of the amount. Which divinity somebody believes to serve as a priest, this will be given accordingly him the good or from on the part of the suitable men or women. To stand at the head from priest's boards or to lead which house being or to look brings to all griefs and frustration in the everyday life, often also losses, particularly to those which dream of being bounteous from own means, of organising banquets or of making endowments. Every priest's velvet or state velvet from which a woman is excluded prophesies the same the death, if be they with the concerning dignity dressed to imagines. Vice versa prophesies every priest's velvet or state velvet from which a man is excluded, to this equally the death, if he dreams to hold the concerning office.



  • Dreaming one, a priest in ecclesiastical garment visits a place which he is not in habit to visit, otherwise, oppression and fright from on the part of the authority threatens the inhabitants, - visits latter against her habit a place, approaches the inhabitants also oppression and fright, but in lower measure.
  • Seeming it one, a priest visits him and sleeps in his bed, he will close friendship with him, however, the priest deceive him, with his woman sleep and are heir to him, - to dream, the local pastor has died, indicates that this loses his faith.
  • Looking one the priest on the sickbed, he interprets this as a crisis of his faith and as their symptom, further that a long life and health will be gave to that.
  • Dreaming to one, the head of the priest has become bigger, his power about the farmers will become bigger.
  • his words will be widened
  • Having to themselves his face, and be powerful and horrific talking, - his neck is strong and strong, he will muster in service and office his whole strength, - his hands have become long and strong, he will find competent farm-hands and assistants. If one dreams, the priest has got a mighty belly, will acquire of these numerous servants and big wealth and collect many blood relations around himself. If his feet have become stronger and stronger, he will come into money and win helpful farm-hands. If the called body parts have become matt and weak, however, the opposite of the said will enter.
  • Dreaming somebody, a priest gives up his office, will sin this, but do coaches.
  • the priest handles with the common people, he will humble himself before God and gain strength in his faith.
  • Looking one change the priest at a dark place, he knows that this sins in the Finstern against God, - however, he strolls at a bright, green place, he strolls before God in the light and does good works.
  • Dreaming an imperial, he has been chosen as a layman to the priest, he will get of the emperor a very high and important office, an easy man or a pauper will perform to a mighty allegiance and find honour and favour with him, - somebody has been consecrated from the amateur state the deacon, he will also attain favour and honour which will be lower, admittedly, as if he had become a priest.
  • Dreaming one, he has been chosen the priest or deacon, if the choice has not supposed, however, he will attain authority and validity, lose them, however, soon and come to danger.
  • Dreaming a priest, he has lost a piece of his ecclesiastical garment, he will be deceived by another in his office and be hated, - he finds again the piece, he becomes, however, not without compulsion and punishment, are confirmed in his office again.
  • you feels yourself that your behaviour was wrong. Find a way to the reconciliation.
  • see such or itself as a priest, indicates at life-works and orders from which we may avoid no longer.

(European ones).:

  • see one: if means long life and the arbitration of a quarrel, - also: one will be able to avoid his responsibility no longer,
  • see standing on the pulpit: if illness and grief,
  • promises
  • several see: everything will come to the day,
  • of a cloister see: Righteousness determines the life,
  • confess to one: one will experience degradation and worries,
  • Dreaming a woman, them is in love in a priest, it is warned about the fraud of her lover. If the priest with her sleeps, she will get to hear because of her inclination to cheerfulness and pranks violent reproaches.
(See also archetypes, of priest, people,' monk')

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