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Apple tree


In the Christian-western culture the tree of the knowledge which the unconscious puts in our dreamscape to wake up more understanding for the problems in us more different, but also, in order to stimulate us to the self-knowledge. The druids the apple tree was holy and the mythological Avalon where king Artus was buried was the island of the apple trees. When the druid's north was revived in the modern times, the foundation members met under an apple tree. The apple tree expresses as a dream symbol therefore also romantic longings for the situation in which the world is still in order. This dream symbol often appears if the dreaming feels from the big-city life stressed.


The apple tree has the same meaning like his fruit.



  • more blossoming: Pleasant and glad, happy news,
  • see: your enterprise succeeds, - the store for your luck is there already,
  • more blossoming: Luck in the marriage, - forthcoming happy news which is authoritative for the whole life, - business success,
  • see a nicely leafy one: Satisfaction,
  • apple tree before the harvest: shining progress of the shops, - good income,
  • of full fruits: a lot of friendship and acquaintances.


    success and material yields announces
  • blossoming and fruit-weight-bearing apple trees.
(See also apple)

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