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In general:

Every thing has his price. The price of personal development there to the Ganzheitlichkeit is called perseverance, perseverance, humility and often also renunciation. In the dream to win a prize, a tip is to the fact that the dreaming has succeeded in overcoming important obstacles. Also he has received from other people now recognition. If the dreaming awards the prize, he recognises the hard work more different publicly.


Who must pay a high price in a dream action, an 'essential present' (=Symbol receives for it for information which will be helpful in the reality) as deposit to the acquired object. In any case, thus the price achievement relation presents itself in the traditional interpretation. Price and payment amounts mostly symbolise him (high or low) energy turnover of the dreaming person.


At the spiritual level the preservation of a price means in the dream that the dreaming has helped himself in harmonious manner of his instincts and intuition to be able to use the inspiration.



  • receive: one has overcome an important obstacle and, therefore, will receive recognition for his endeavours,
  • lend to somebody: one will recognise the achievement of his people without envy,
  • for an object receive a high price: one should think about whether one concentrates upon the really important things of the life.

(European ones).:

  • the dream of the opposite which indicates losses by haggling - is on the alert if is offered a little bit cheap.
(See also prize board)

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