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Prairie dog

medicine wheel:

Key words: Voiced, - socially, - community. Description: Prairie dogs live in "towns" which can cover every now and then a surface from up to forty hectares. Such "colonies" are divided into neighborhoods which split up themselves again in family associations. Prairie dogs disposes of an extraordinary vocal property and can give to nine different sounds of himself. As social Wese they protect themselves mutually. If one expels a warning cry, everybody disappears remaining in her construction. The colonies of the prairie dogs have covered once a large part of the Präriegebiete in the west of the United States. After the herds of buffalo had been destroyed, increased the prairie dogs so explosively that they fell victim to an eradication campaign which reduced, finally, her number about ninety percent. Now farmers recognise that prairie dogs can serve to improve the quality of the ground. General meaning: Your search for community, - your social nature, - your ability to catch something in words. Association: - Transcendent meaning: A revelation of that what means community really.

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