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In general:

Trombone announces that one is called to account for an action or is mocked.


The trombone is not always to be understood like other wind instruments only sexually. Since who blows the trombone in the dream, something shouts from the rooftops in the awake life, that is he posaunt from what he should hide, actually.



  • see: You are a dreamer and come to nothing. Awake, finally, to the action.
  • hear: one still regrets an action from the longest past days,
  • blow: your Großschwätzerei damages to you more than you think.

(European ones).:

  • see: an account approaches, - a bad conscience soon contacts to word,
  • hear: one deeply regrets one quite a lot of committed stupidity,
  • blow: one will pull somebody to the account,
  • blow and get out no tone: one has the damage and the mockery in addition,
  • several trombones: obligations are to be taken over.


  • blow: the begun friendship will be from short duration,
  • hear: a society in which it goes loudly.
(See also wind instruments)

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