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In general:

He is the hotel servant who shows off with pleasure as a house policeman. He opens the door or not to the soul. The doorkeeper admonishes not to look too much after the matters more different, not to take part in clap and rumours.


Stands in the receipt of the house which we have covered (house = body!). He should keep away the bad influence and good letting. The doorkeeper is as it were our own character which pays attention, unfortunately, often not surely and mistakes property and Nastily.



  • you will experience in a matter obstacles.

(European ones).:

  • see one or with him operate: one should not look after the clap of other people,
  • even one be: one should put the nose not in the matter of which begin nothing.


  • ugly Klatschereien.
(See also service, hotel, 'bouncer')

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