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Politics (he)

Association: - Work on the strategy, - party seizure, - manipulation. Question: - On whose side do I stand? Where want I to win?

In general:

Care, forces hardly to be seen through or dark stand out. The dreaming often does not feel as a match ball of to be controlled energy. One can see in it, however, absolutely also the expression to social engagements with increased craving for administration. If one dreams of a politician, the biggest care is offered. Somebody in your nearness makes wrong or half-true promises to you and would like to 'cheat' you at the end, nevertheless, only, because he thinks as a rule first once of his own advantage.


The dream relation can be directed on somebody whom you know and which tries to win authority about you, - or to abuse his position.



  • politics, speak of it: Quarrel and annoyance with friends and in general.

(European ones).:

  • warning before the powers of the darkness which spend themselves for the powers of the light,
  • see: stands always for disagreeable society and events, - in which one loses time and money,
  • even are involved as such: if misunderstandings and envy perform official duties with friends,
  • Interesting a young woman in the dream for politics, is this one warning before the inclination to falseness.
(See also parliament)

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