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In general:

Like the cup the cup in the dream also symbolises the female, received principle and the ability to take delight. The dreaming possibly succeeds in making a party from a usual event. If he drinks from a cup, this shows that he takes the freedom to enjoy the life in full trains. Then one understands cup usually mostly like mug or vessel and can point to joy or healing of an illness, above all if one drinks from it.


If the dreaming receives a cup in his dream, this shows that he is aware of his efficiency. If several same cups seem in the dream, this signals that several ways are open to the dreaming to take delight in his life. If they are a player or sportsman, hold the dream cup not for a promise to succeed in this area. If one hands a cup in the dream of another person, one admires this person - or his achievement, his talent.


At the spiritual level the cup stands in the dream for the female principle.



  • see: you will receive pretty presents,
  • get handed: can count on smash hit in an enterprise,
  • in the hand: one will honour you,
  • drink from it: you are a popular companion and searches your friendship,
  • get as a gift: big joy and cheering,
  • give away: you part with a good opportunity,
  • see breaking: Misfortune in the play, luck in the love,
  • break: an unpleasant hostility.

(European ones).:

  • presents, joy and luck, - a great success will appear which will entirely change the life.
  • of somebody get handed: one will achieve with an enterprise magnificent success,
  • receive a silver or golden one given: points to an honourary post or an inheritance,
  • from a golden one drink: if brings recovery,
  • from a silver cup waters drink: one will make bad deals,
  • from an easy one drink: Friendship and affection,
  • antique cups or cups: foreign people are to a well reflected,
  • reject one to the drink to passed ones: means a heavy breakdown in the life,
  • break one: points to illness,
  • Passing a woman to a man a glass cup with water, this stands for unauthorised pleasures.


  • drink from it: you will be glad even today,
  • see: you will receive a present.
(See also 'vessel', 'cup')

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