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In general:

The placenta is the food spring for the unborn child in the womb. In dreams this can be a symbol for them (above all spiritual, emotional and spiritual) food which the dreaming attains by his environment. In addition, the placenta refers to it in which manner the dreaming is dependent on other people. If the dreaming tackles a new plan, he must realise that he does not have the resources maybe to provide enough for himself. He demands food of an external spring with which he feels linked.


Personal dependence is differently formed with every person. The respect between mother and child is unique, - the placenta can emphasise the uniqueness of a respect. The separation of the mother is a heavy shock, and the placenta acts as 'a buffer' in this process. If a dream of the placenta acts, it illustrates the need of the dreaming to dispose in times of a heavy separation of such 'a buffer'.


At the spiritual level the placenta in the dream is a recollection of the fact that the person is dependent on the big mother or on mother earth. (See also navel) Bankruptcy



  • you must begin at the beginning again, has good courage.

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