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Rubbish (garbage)


Rubbish can refer to an abuse of resources and waste. In the dream symbolism rubbish stands for the things or information which one should process finally or has already mastered and which cannot be needed now any more and be thrown away. Often is expressed in it, however, also 'mental garbage', and the request to deal more intensely with own personality. Positively is the dream if no aversion is felt, the decision has already liked or approaches immediately. If aversion and disgust are prevailing, however, purification and coping is overdue. Often there matters the colour of the rubbish. The coming spring cleaning sometimes releases a dream about waste settlement and clear up. However, it can also be the interpretation: Their life is littered with pointless problems and people whom you should absolutely create from the neck. Maybe one invests in relations or in other things which should be caused, more than for one is good. If one sees rubbish, one would like to erase out in the awake life maybe tiresome thoughts by his memory. If the dreaming produces a lot of rubbish in his dream, he should check his lifestyle. If one collects garbage over and over again, wants to take away him, however, finds one more basket full, still an overflowing bucket - and no end, one wants to escape from the 'soul garbage' and does not know so surely with which one, actually should begin. Finally, one would like to 'decontaminate' old problems, however, has still no concrete plan. If one throws away the rubbish, one wants to get a mental relief or get rid of possible worries. Here and there he points to the fact that one possibly gets back something what one put aside heedlessly that, however, was actually rather valuable. In the garbage something definite can look and find mean that one is about to make a valuable discovery. Make use of her, but try to hurt, Besides, no friend.


Maybe the dreaming experiences an energy crisis which he does not understand. He should proceed on the search for the 'energy leakage'. Rubbish can announce in the dream (as in some expressions) financial success which one has not often expected.


(European ones).:

  • see with bad accompanying feeling: if bad coping of the matters,
  • promises
  • see with good or neutral feeling: one gets rid of an inconvenience or of difficulty,
  • own: the assets will increase.
  • find: a valuable discovery make,
  • collect: your activities are pointless, you will achieve with it no success,
  • trip over it: one should file wrong images, check old settings once again and substitute with new ones,
  • from above everything falls down possible on which exactly is not to be recognised: with good feelings during the dream a tip that one can increase his possession, - with negative feelings: a tip which wrong accusations, envy or envy will come up more different on one.
(See also colours, rubbish, excrement)

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