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In general:

Paintbrush mostly indicates at strong sexual needs. Sometimes he points to a respect with a simple-minded stupid person by whom one is hindered.


In the vernacular name for a simple-minded person. Thus the vision also sees him, with the compliance in the interpersonal area circumscribed could become. However, the paintbrush of the painter would be also translated the hairy phallus (see there): One asks for love, paints himself how nice it could be in familiar togetherness and one should follow which colour of the paintbrushes applies in the dream.



  • see: it with arrogant and silly people get to do, - also: one has remained too simple-minded in a thing and should better pay attention,
  • approach with it or paint: a dull work get assigned,
  • with a big one paint: Spirit of enterprise and creative ability.

(European ones).:

  • a sexual and erotic symbol which aims unambiguously at stronger sexual wishes,
  • see: warns about the traffic with fools and stupid people, - also: one is too simple-minded in a matter and naive,
  • clean: if desire promises to the new work which also promises good wage
  • with a small paintbrush work: by silly and brainless gossip one should not be held from a work or intention,
  • with a big paintbrush paint: a creative mind fond of enterprise (plan) puts only courage, in one.


  • see: avoid the stupid people.
(See also colours, to times, painter)

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