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Of photograph / take a photo

In general:

If the dreaming looks at photographs in his dream, he thinks as a rule of the past aspects of itself or of the qualities which he does not judge any more for valuable. If he receives in the dream a photograph from himself, this shows under circumstances that he must see his surroundings or his own personality in these surroundings more objective.


Photographs show obviously recollections, the past occurrences, maybe also difficulties in the past. If the dreaming looks at photographs of people in his dream, it is for him in truth about her qualities, - possibly they could help to him in his life.


Photographs in the dream serve to show the spiritual need to understand the past.



  • receive: Death in the circle of acquaintances,
  • to itself: you plan something secret,
  • your love: quick wedding,
  • your friends: you soon get visit.

(European ones).:

  • allow to see or take a photo of themselves: if long and happy life promises for all people whose photograph one has seen in the dream.


  • photograph: a reunion,
  • taking photos, let themselves: you should not be mistaken,
  • his members: good future,
  • even: you are exact.
(See also picture, photograph)

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