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The phallus is in the dream a symbol for the sexual power as well as for the divine creativity. Anyway it is in the dream a picture for vitality and fertility. With the Indians Sinnbild of the fertility - also translates of the fertility of the work and the thoughts. With the primitive races symbol of the masculinity, with Freud by all possible long objects, 'sharp weapons and stiff objects like trunks and floors' in the dream shown ('against it are cupboards, boxes, carriages, stoves et cetera the symbols of the Frauenleibes'). After C. G. Jung is the phallus the spring of the life, the big creator and miracle culprit, 'as which he enjoyed everywhere admiration'. According to Babylonian assyrischer opinion it indicates to have no rivals if the limb of the man becomes long in the dream, - if against it somebody eats his own limb in the dream, one of his sons will die. (See also 'sexuality', 'vagina')

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