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Plough / plough

In general:

In the today's time only few people work in the country, and, hence, this symbol does not have any more such a great importance. It refers to the fact that the dreaming must get bigger clarity about himself if he wants to prepare for new growth and change. Plough symbolises the experiences which have turned up a person, - if one follows them, one will derive from it benefit.


Archetypal sign for the strength which good creates. Who goes behind a plough, is generally with diligence with the thing, one can demonstrate to that so easily nothing. If one sees ploughing somebody, one would like to harvest the fruits of the work which was explained primarily by others. If the plough has broken, nevertheless, this probably says that the work does not want to go at the moment so surely from the hand. Maybe there is a situation in the life of the dreaming which must be entirely 'turned up'. If he looks from another point of view, he is maybe able to form them more productively.


On this level ploughing registers in the dream that the dreaming is in a process in which he creates new possibilities for his spiritual development.



  • see: by your diligence you will have a good acquisition and come to prosperity, - also: quick and happy marriage,
  • plough: your business activity will give to you pleasure, - luck, - quick wedding,
  • with horses plough: Wealth and luck,
  • with oxen: slow property increase,
  • with the hand: Need and misery,
  • break: your trade will be disturbed, - big loss and grief,
  • see working with it: you will own many porters.

(European ones).:

  • as a symbol of the agriculture: if brings plentiful, useful work, - stands for unusual success and a pleasing climax in the commercial life, - he reminds sick people on the country to move to recover,
  • one see standing: sends a reminder to diligent work,
  • more broken: if a bad premeaning has in every regard for a deliberate enterprise,
  • ploughing people: if activity as well as increasing knowledge and property,
  • announce
  • see ploughing the plough: one is put before a promising job with which it to one leave remains whether one wants to perceive them or not,
  • plough: promises a nice success which wants to be earned, however, by sweat, - also: a happy marriage,
  • waves to patient lovers then
  • Seeing a young woman her lover, will have them a rich husband. Their joy will be deep and persistent.


  • see: you have a nice household,
  • work with it: you will reach by news to wealth,
  • break: bad times will come.
(See also field, farmer, harvest)

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