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Association: - Nature, - natural process, - fertility. Question: - What grows up in me?

medicine wheel:

Key words: The second creation empire, - linkedly with earth and sky, - nourishing (physically and spiritually), - helpfully, - serving, - curative. Description: In the plant people there are four different categories: the grass, the trees, the fruit woods and the flowers. People close to the earth held the plant empire for a little dependent as the empire of the minerals, because the plants of the support need by the elements to be able to continue her life. They need the earth in which they root to themselves, the water on which they live, the air and the hoist which her seeds spread, and to be able to grow the fire in the form of solar irradiation, in order. Plant were used by trunks close to the earth as food, remedies, sometimes to the production of clothes, to the construction and very often in ceremonies. General meaning: Your connection with the plant people. Association: Plants - the activity, - something rooted transplant. Transcendent meaning: Gift from the plant empire.

In general:

One has seen plants often as the clearest earthly signs for the spiritual strength of the universe, and Jung said from them, one looks at them 'with reverence and philosophical amazement'. That is not that all dreams appear in their plants, messages of big importance contain, - they can as be gambled away as other dreams and as often wordplays or expressive allusions use. Plants are a symbol for gradual change because her process of growth and decay is so especially evident. If it concerns breeding plants, should get to the dreaming clarity about his maintaining potential. If the plants die, the dreaming has reached a stage in which he can make provisionally no more other progress in a certain area maybe.


If plants wildly grow, there presents itself a part in the personality of the dreaming, apparently after freedom longs. If the plants are pulled in straight rows, the dreaming gives people too much other on the views. Evergreen plants are a symbol for the need for vitality and freshness, youthfulness and expressiveness. Many plants have curative and magic qualities, however, can be also damaging at the same time if one uses them without exact knowledge.


At the spiritual level plants symbolise the vitality and the life cycle.


If somebody dreams that from his body a plant has grown, he will die, as some state, - then from the earth there originate the plants, and in earth the bodies of the deads resolve. In my view one has with the interpretation not only from the plants, but also from the body parts, from which the plants hervorsprießen to go out. Often not the dreaming himself died, but that what was indicated by the body part in which the plant was. There is also concerning the plants even a difference, so that they entail now and again not the death, but slices and interventions of the surgeon. This normally applies with those plants which are cut regularly, as for example, with the vine and similar one. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, to him is from the head a vine hervorgesprossen. To the person concerned only one swollen uvula was cut out from the throat. (Wordplay: staphylotomein = 1st grapes cut, 2. cut out a uvula.)



  • see or maintain: something good experience,
  • flowers: you want to bring a woman in the house,
  • vegetables: by your trouble you will earn money,
  • trees: your future will stand under a good star,
  • water: his progeny educate hard,
  • split or break off: your clumsy being will play to you some bad prank,
  • breeding plants see: check the basic qualities of your character and the self-image critically,
  • wilted or dying ones: one has reached a stage of the stagnation and should try to make progress again.

(European ones).:

  • see, plant from trees or shrubs: one will enter an advantageous respect or marry soon even,
  • has young, water or maintain: good child breeding, - points to a big family.
(See also grain and single plant names)

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