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Horse dishes

In general:

Like the halter the dishes also refer to a form of the control or restriction. Maybe the dreaming feels limited by his self-imposed limitations, or he is controlled by external circumstances. If the dreaming has in his dream a halter with himself, this often brings him back in the childhood. The measure was not possibly available to him in freedom for which he longed.


It is an important quality if one rein his strength, can bridle and measure properly. This indicates to utilise an energy in controlled manner to themselves. A strength can be sometimes more effective if it is limited, as if one allows to drag the reins.


At this level the horse dishes mean in the dream that the dreaming must take his spiritual energy to the kerbs to use the strength available to him so efficiently as possible.



  • see, clean or hang up: can calculate on well-being, luck you wealth.

(European ones).:

  • see: tells a position change or working change in,
  • see themselves as a proud owner of new dishes: one will soon start a pleasing trip,
  • tack up with it a horse and harness: one will begin something new.


  • Wohlhabenheit.

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