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Whistle (to the smoking)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Holy, - connection creative, - entirety, - peace, - unity, - understanding, - prayer, - harmony, - altar. Description: The whistle was a holy object for many trunks close to the earth. They thought that she represents the universe. The bowl which is made of tone or stone stands for the empire of the minerals and the female energy, - the tube made of wood and the oral piece symbolise the plant empire and the male energy. The tube with fur pieces, feathers or leather which represent the animal kingdom is often decorated. If the whistle is composed by a person who wants to pray with her and speak to the big mind, gather all creation empire of the world. For many trunks close to the earth the whistle was synonymous with the kettle of the changes, the cathedral or the Sangraal. General meaning: The holiest part of your own being, - the male and the female connecting, - connection with the net of the life. Association: An "instrument", with which one can generate a high tone, trill whistle. Transcendent meaning: Understand to your connection with the totality of the life, - a tip can also be to the fact that you are drawn by the way of the whistle.

In general:

A water whistle in the dream can give to the dreaming information about how he should handle with his feelings (the size and the kind of the whistle in this case are significant). Whistle (tobacco) is understood as a symbol by rest, self-assurance and masculinity. Now and then she expresses as a phallic symbol sexual needs.


If the dreaming is in trouble in the everyday life, an easy symbol like the whistle can point to it, like he could solve different aspects of a situation, the problem by this connection. The tobacco whistle which in the dream even a non-smoker smokes with relish is nothing else than the pipe of peace which gives us a peaceful everyday life in happy environment. The whistle smoke brings past in recollection from which we should draw conclusions. The whistle can express the wish of the dreaming to orientate itself by big models, because it is a dream symbol for a strong father's connection. The dream consciousness expresses by the picture of the whistle the wish for a fatherly friend, protector or adviser.


At this level the whistle in the dream is the tip in a sort of spiritual guidance.



  • smoke: you will well have a good time, - one may be glad about a quiet and unconcerned life, - comfort and luck,
  • see smoking somebody: one will soon be able to welcome a pleasant visitor,
  • are filling: you are still wide from the aim,
  • clean: you can remove discrepancies,
  • break: Quarrel and quarrel.

(European ones).:

  • see: an old friend will soon visit to one,
  • smoke: if success promises in the business, a comfortable family life,
  • to somebody see smoking: one should go forward in all his activities and actions a little more carefully, because one needs in the life now a little bit more comfort and not only stress.


  • see: tells the visit of an old friend in,
  • long: you make big and quick progress,
  • smoke: careful action brings luck to you, - one will make the astonishing discovery that it can be also very comfortable at home,
  • smash: you are sure before every pursuit.
(See also friends, smoke, whistle stone, stopper, father)

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