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Address always deals something with selfrepresentation. Often one is pointed out to the fact that one should confide other more and make clear better, so that one can be accepted. Sometimes there is hidden behind it also a distinctive validity desire, power striving or idealism up to the missionary zeal or fanaticism which wants to persuade all world of own views. This is valid above all if one saw delivering quite masterfully a speech to himself in the speaker's writing desk before the gathered audience. It is here about recognition. One wants to confide, point to his quite special strengths, other are convincing of himself. One would like to 'arrive safely' with others. If one delivers in the dream a speech, however, this can also mean that one lacks in the real life real contacts. One disposes of a big need to talk to others which cannot be satisfied in the awake state.



  • are appealed: you get to know new people, - you will well like one (one) and become your darling (darlings).
  • appeal themselves to somebody: The luck does not come by itself, one must take himself the initiative. Nothing comes undeserved. One should have more assurance!
(See also speech)

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