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In general:

The religious problem is touched by him. Still this stands in connection with the ecclesiastically traditional forms of the religious life. In the dream of women the priest, the preacher is a frequent Animusfigur. Positively she means religious deepening, - negatively it means as an Animustraum above all preach, want to moralize, are right, a much too cheap remedial announcement. Priest's dreams remember with pleasure positively or negatively that real minister who have met us in the life.


In dreams of women the priest is often a desirable picture. It expresses the longing for a man who looks at them not only as an object of the desire, but also perceives them as a human person and respects. Moreover, he embodies wisdom and consolation. In man's dreams, however, his appearance points to insecurity. One is afraid of his demanding desires and inclines to flee in apparently higher spiritual worlds. However, edged out needs can become dangerous, because one cannot suppress them on a continuing basis and control.



  • see: a reminder, one should not preach other too much,
  • be: one wants to hear your opinion,
  • see themselves as such on the pulpit: one is called on for confessing to something for what one did not have the courage up to now.

(European ones).:

  • it everything goes by wish, - general restlessness, - for signpost, - also: one inclines from jealousy and envy to brainless actions, - also: one becomes more and more unpopular if one teaches repeatedly other people or says them what they deal,
  • see one or with one speak: one has in a thing a bad conscience,
  • even one be: one should take together all courage and confess something or admit what is difficult extremely,
  • Believing a young woman, them marries a priest, she will bump with the man whom she reveres into no requited love. She will end as an old spinster or enter a reason marriage.
(See also of priests,' monk ',' pastor')

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