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Key words: Holy, - psychoactively, - cactus fruit, - cleaning. Description: Peyote is the fruit of a Mescal agave which grows in the southwest of the United States and in Mexico. For the natives of these areas Peyote was always a very holy plant. A part of her spirituality is based on the admiration of this plant from which the people think there that they can be brought back by her to the paradise. With the time the Peyote cult has spread all over North America. Already the first European colonists of North America took exception to the fact that the Indians made use of the effect from Peyote. Today this fight is still continued, now, nevertheless, on the law way. And it is a fight in which you can raise your voice to help people close to the earth to the use of her important sacrament. General meaning: Your deep connection with the creator and with the creation, - your true wishes, - what you must clean, before you can reach them, - the core of your creativity. Association: Uncontrolled drunkenness states with abuse. Transcendent meaning: Peyote is an ally's plant to you as the heart of the life back helps where you can anew experience the paradise.

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