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Connection (traffic binding)


A coach, train or an airplane to miss, the fear can reflect to come too late or not to be able to keep a term. Some dreams can have deeper meanings for the emotional strengths and weaknesses of the dreaming. The dreaming should consider, why he came too late. The reason for the delay can be something on which he puts the blame for a problem also in the awake life. If the dreaming was to blame for the delay himself, the fury about an action or an omission can reflect in the awake life. Positively missing the coach or train can be interpreted if one wants to avoid a destination. Not to be taken, uncertainty about the use of own possibilities can reflect and is negative, hence, in his meaning. The dream of a missed connection can show fears to miss an opportunity in the occupation or a social obligation. One should consider here how did one miss the vehicle? Did one still see it or had removed it for a long time? The answer can refer to the distance of the sighting in the life. A physical bad luck which leads to the delay could show something or to somebody in the life on which one wants to put the blame for a misfortune. Negligence while missing the connection can indicate the need to become more well-arranged, or reflect the unaware wish not to start a trip yet. Fury while missing a level-according departure may return rage about an omission in the life. (See also trip and under names of the single means of transportation)

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