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Association: - Transform cleanness, - treasure, - annoying into beauty. Question: - What do I estimate? On which way does it originate?

In general:

If a dream of pearls acts - for example, from that one rosary - the dreaming produces a connection with the time course. To dream of breaking pearls, the failure of a preferential plan explains.


As in the reality, the pearl is also something precious in the dream. It is a vision for luxury and beauty sense, for Kultiviertheit and fulfilment. In the dream interpretation of the antiquity pearls mean grief. If one gets as a gift them, grief soon rules in the house. If pearls appear in returning rhythm in the dream, they should be a sign for nephritic suffering and biliousness (stones immediately Bubble!) . Who quarries out one, possibly from a mussel, to that no pearl from the crown might fall in the awake life, that awards to himself towards other person nothing if he is friendly to them. And who gives away them, throws as it were pearls before the Säue and does not come with his people in spite of manifold proofs of his good nature so surely. Pearls signal the search for perfection. Nevertheless, on the other hand, they can point out the dreaming also to a not to an end brought funereal work. One says that pearls mean tears - for the dream this does not apply. And dream the women so often of pearls, nothing also deals with obsession with dressing-up. Rather dreams of pearls conclude by the wish to create something valuable. The pearl originates in a mussel from a sandy grain. Therefore, dream particularly the housewives who are not satisfied with her cramped existence, from pearls.


At the spiritual level pearls in the dream symbolise that small, nevertheless full-coming experiences slightly to be overlooked and experiences which are so important on the developing way of the person. They are a symbol of the enlightenment and the spiritual rebirth.



  • see or own: Tears and grief will embitter to you the life,
  • in the ring: Tears and grief,
  • receive given: also in the real life one will receive a present that, however, with care is to be enjoyed, - also: an important plan threatens to fail,
  • give away: one is only used in his auxiliary readiness or even are cheated, - ingratitude are received,
  • to the ears: Tears of the joy,
  • lose (chain tears): Misfortune and grief.

(European ones).:

    dreams, misfortune, grief, - the false shine which promises only little hope mean
  • single ones: the professional success which will follow after a strenuous time satisfactory with a lot of time,
  • give: a well-intentioned action overturns in the opposite,
  • receive given: a valuable or precious present brings bad luck, grief or worries,
  • carry: in spite of external shine or well-being one will suffer internally,
  • line up: it will be several tearful events as a result of on one,
  • scatter: You should throw the valuable not from yourself, - one will lose in the circle of acquaintances in respect,
  • Breaking or loses a young woman her pearls, she must suffer by losses and misunderstandings indescribable sadness and suffering. If she admires the pearls, it will strive in the best intention for love or possession.


  • collect: for sick people it means death.
(See also oyster, precious stones, jewels, jewellery)

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