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In general:

A dream of the pension or pension may have assured one that one needs to have no fear of the age, because one will be supplied. However, the pension could also express the general confidence, or the trust in it, except financially secure to be well supplied also spiritually. If the pension or pension has not been transferred in the dream, this could refer to the fact that one rests on unreliable arrangements or feels general insecurity. If the savings book or the money was taken away from one, one should think about how emotionally certainly one feels real.


With day leftovers it points to occupational difficulties, so a fear space. Some other way to interpret 'easy chair' and 'mule'.



  • you must get used to modest relations.

(European ones).:

  • see: meant involvement and chaos in the plans, - one will probably change the flat, - it is demanded of one a decision, - it pays attention to the fact that one decides by his own wishes.
(See also easy chair, tenant, mule, pension)

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