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In general:

The whip is a torture instrument. As a vision she expresses that the dreaming has the urge to exercise about other power or to be controlled, however, by others. Whip symbolises aggressiveness, hatred, disdain and other abusive feelings which one has for others or must endure himself. Now and again there stand behind it sadomasochistic sexual needs. If one hears banging the whips, requests to more own activities in a matter.


The whip has in the dream the meaning of power, submission and humiliation. To bang in the dream with a whip at random by the area points to the wish to be more crude than one is real in the everyday life. At the same time a feeling of inferiority reveals itself in it, one is restrained by the education in his old feelings. If one is whipped in the dream (besides, mostly one feels no pain), one often ducks in the life and leaves other the initiative. Because the whip is tools for the punishment, the dreaming must recognise that he creates with the attempt to force something, in the end, even problems. If women dream of a whip, this is not called that they want to be whipped, but they want to submit to her partner. This submission can be either sexual or spiritual kind. Women those of being whipped dream, suffer from masochistic dispositions which cannot be realised.


At the spiritual level the whip in the dream symbolises collective punishment and selfflagellation.



  • see: you will be reprimanded, - one will nastily join in to you, - warning before the engagement with a stranger, - also: one tries to attain power about others,
  • hear banging: Luck and success in dear things, - also: one will reach in his life still a lot,
  • have in the hand: you must sit down to the weir,
  • swing: it are completely desire and energy, now, finally, it advances,
  • see swinging themselves one: Symbol for hidden lust for power, - in own interest would be advisable it to fight against this quality, because one will bump in his surroundings always only into refusal or even hatred,
  • are hit with it: you must endure the extreme humiliations, - also: have to suffer from feelings of guilt or inferiority complex.

(European ones).:

  • warns against being careful in all actions, - one can be easily offended, become ill or suffer a bad luck,
  • see one: by own or other people procrastination threatens damage,
  • hear banging one could still reach a lot in the life, - pleasant surprise in close future,
  • with one are hit: one will be offended or has to suffer from the results of insults,
  • lead themselves one: if promises good progress,
  • swing one: in reacts the hidden lust for power which will bump with others into refusal or even hatred
  • for women: They would like to submit sexually or spiritually to the partner.


  • see: you will experience a big disappointment,
  • hear banging: you will come into money.
(See also power)

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