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In general:

Though they give themselves a nakedness and step in some blunder, but you also break through restricting, outdated, much too conventional parlour game rules. A dream which points out change to sudden (and then strictly kept up): They have lived long enough conformistly and now fall in the other extreme, even if it sometimes looks quite 'sloping' and could become embarrassing: If nothing makes, it is 'more real'. They are about to defend your own personality - against the picture to which you wanted to correspond up to now which was 'created', however, by others.


Typical is the dream situation in which one stands in the nude on the street or on a party and many people / N stare. In such situations a mostly deeply edged out refusal of own Körperlichkeit appears. The classical depth psychology speaks here of a manifestation of the feeling of inferiority. One does not trust, so to speak, to own charms, that is also that one is found not attractively. One does not want to admit this of course in the awake consciousness. This refusal of own body is relatively frequent particularly with women on grounds of her socialisation and so this dream situation also appears as so frequent.



  • Concerning you not around the gossip of bad people.

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