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Bad luck (sealing material)

In general:

If Who sometimes becomes how the saying '(in the dream) a bad luck attacks, soils itself' translated with which the unconscious would like to warn us about bad people in the life everyday life. Who is unlucky in the trousers, stays down what can be the case as at school as in another area of life. The remains of the tar and oil distillation became linguistic to the opposite of luck. In the dream the bad luck appears mostly only the grey-black mass which can be absolutely evaluated as a misfortune sign. Thus the unlucky person is, actually, the bird got stuck in the bad luck rod, transfer into the awake life the unlucky fellow who presently simply wants to manage nothing.


One must have no 'run of bad luck' if one dreams of it. Bad luck is valid as a symbol for the quality of 'to hanging' on people, places and habits also still if it has no more sense. One simply sticks, can hardly 'break loose'. The positive side: The people who also hold together under charges 'how bad luck and sulphur' are dependable, capable of having a relationship, and one can still get in touch years later with them, without it 'is shy'. Their affection remains stable like bad luck wire.



  • luck and success in the future,
  • have before eyes: in misery get,
  • see processing: Obstacles serve our plan, - success and wealth in the business,
  • process and melt: your interference in dirty matters causes to you inconveniences,
  • own a lot: one will soon have an experience which will prepare for a joy and satisfaction,
  • with it dirty themselves: one will have in the life a lot of luck,
  • other see itself with it dirty: the work and own diligence is other of more use than.

(European ones).:

  • (sealing material) see: one is blackened at somebody on whose goodwill one places big value,
  • work with it: the coming obstacles lead directly to luck and success,
  • dirty themselves with it or are stained: if good clientele brings in the house, - success or profit will be grudged to one of others,
  • other see with it dirty: others harvest what one himself has sowed.
(See also colours - (black), 'raven')

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